The Wildlife Photography of Roxanne Granzow

Roxanne grew up on Long Island, New York, enjoying the beach living. She has always had a passion for animals and photography. She first attended school for Marine Biology, but decided photography would allow her to see the animals of the world, and not restrict her to the shores and oceans alone.

 In the mid 70's Roxanne moved out west to Vail, Colorado. Through the years she studied animals in the area and tried to photograph them. Since the animals in the area are hunted , it was often difficult to get close enough for a good photograph.

 In 1992 Roxanne took her first photography trip with Tom and Bonnie Murphy. They became wonderful mentors, and more than friends, she considers them family. She has traveled the world with them.

Roxanne has been to 6 continents photographing wildlife. All of her work is done in the wild, for she wants not only to photograph the animals, but to experiance what their life is like and what they have to endure to survive. To Roxanne this is a spiritual experiance. She has witnessed the emotions in animals - anger, grief, fear, love, frustration, confusion, and much more. She tries to capture these emotions in her photographs.

Roxanne is an animal advocate and uses her photography to bring awareness to the public of the different plights of the animals she photographs. She does exhibits and lectures in the Vail Valley. Unfortunately all the animals she has photographed on 6 continents have a plight, such as habitat destruction, hunting, poaching, ignorance, etc. Roxanne hopes by viewing her work people will have a better understanding and appreciation for animals. She believes we are all connected, and it is very important to take care of the earth and ALL the creatures we share it with.                                                                                                                                                                                 

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